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kind words and reviews from our patients

"All the staff are extremely caring and considerate.


Tina walked me through all aspects of upcoming prodcedures and took a step towards helping me overcome a lifelong fear of dentists, not by using fancy gadgets but by being extremely kind and thoughtful and taking time to connect with me on a personal level.


I cannot thank you all enough."

"I contacted tlc dental practice for a home visit for my mum. She is elderly, bed bound and unable to communicate but we felt that she may have a problem with her tooth.


Having not been treated by tlc, Tina very kindly agreed to do a home visit to assess mums situation. Tina was caring, compassionate and amazing with mum, I was dreading the appointment not knowing how mum would react, whether she would be scared etc. It went extremely well, because of Tinas' compassionate attitude and professionalism it made the experience for mum uneventful and easy.


Tina offered several options to make mum more comfortable. Mum ended up having 3 small fillings with no fuss at all. We would like to thank Tina and her receptionist for making this so easy for us all.


I would strongly recommend Tina to anyone but particularly to perhaps a nervous patient. I think she has the ability to make anyone feel in safe hands. Thank you."

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caring, compassionate and amazing

extremely caring and considerate

"I am a patient of Tina's and have to confess a retired dentist. When I retired I wanted to leave the practice in good hands. We all know "in the trade" who are the good ones and who aren't. I have to say I was in practice for over 35 years and met a lot of dentists in my time. I employed quite a few and mentored another one. I never met another dentist with the technical skills and integrity of Tina.


Many people run the practice as a business. Tina cares and she runs it as if she is treating herself. I have treated my family all of my professional life and now they have all registered with her and they are hard to impress!


They all think very highly indeed of her skill and I am so delighted to have found someone I can trust to provide quality treatment not only to them but especially to me. My son broke his front tooth when small and has had many replacements. He thinks the filling Tina provided is better than the several I did!


I still see Tina for my dental care and althogh I am a bit nervous, I feel in very good hands with her. Take it from a very experienced dentist, you won't find a more professional and honest dentist than Tina Cambell."


- Clair Barber

"We feel compelled to say, just how superb tlc Dental Ltd are and how Tina surpassed all expectations with the care and attention given to an 86 year old petrified lady.


Nothing was too much trouble from using the downstairs surgery in her lunch hour (thank you, Lisa), so that the patient did not even have to climb the stairs (BP issues) to the amount of time and professional care and advice given to make this lady to make her feel better, to be able to eat better and generally have 'TLC' in abundance!


All staff, 'upstairs and downstairs' are amazing, friendly and helpful, yet professional. If you want a wonderful dentists prepared to go above and beyond the norm that make you feel special... choose here. Thank you."


- Sophie Allen-Muncey

surpassed expectations

***** (five star review)


professional and honest

***** (five star review)