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facial aesthetics at tlc dental


Cosmetic injections are an effective non-surgical method of temporary reducing wrinkles, enhancing specific facial features and appearance. It improves definition and softens lines, including crows feet, frown and forehead, giving younger smoother looking skin.


TLC Dental now offers: Azzalure - botox, Perfectha and Juvederm, high quality facial fillers for:

- wrinkles

- cheeks

- chin

- lips

- brown lift

- non-surgical rhinoplasty)


We can also provide:

Ellanse - facial rejuvenation

Silhouette Soft - facial threading/non surgical face lift


For any questions, please just contact us for more information.

Effects last for 4-6 months but can be longer in some patients. Treatments are reversible with no known long term side effects.


Fillers are a widely used non-surgical cosmetic procedure improving skin volume giving a smoother complexion, for example lines or furrows around the mouth, cheek definition and lip rejuvenation and enhancement. It's quick and easy with immediate results. Initial treatment could last between 8-12 months depending on the area being treated. Subsequent treatments can last longer.